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Drop Ship Business Can Be Very Profitable

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But it can be a total disaster for those who don't know what works, what doesn't, and why.

This site is about drop ship and ecommerce business and can place you straight into the group of successful ecommerce business owners. It will give you all the techniques and knowledge that I learned the hard way and during long years trying to get all this stuff right.

Trying to run a drop ship business this by trial and error is not something I would recommend you. E-commerce is not like creating affiliate websites or websites for Adsense. It costs money, and a lot of it. You need to arrange deals with suppliers, to keep your web store updated, and to work hard on promoting it. The more mistakes you make, the more you are going to lose.

In the lessons of the beginner's e-course on this site you'll find out exactly what performs exceptionally well so you don't have to go through the workhorse nightmare. By using the techniques in the course you should be able to build a successful web store in 1 - 3 months and maybe have a real e-commerse empire in 6 months to one year.

This e-course contains what you need to know for a successful start in drop ship wholesale selling online. But don't expect the money will come to you automatically. I won't mislead you - the success with ecommerce takes some hard work, patience and some luck.

In the articles on this site expect to learn:

  • How to find a niche market with thousands of interested buyers
  • The secrets in drop ship business
  • The only real way to find quality wholesalers
  • How to start your first web store with a bang
  • How to promote your drop ship store
  • How to buy existing web store and make it more successful
  • and much more than this...

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This site will help you understand if ecommerce is the right field for you and will help you achieve better success than most others who try to make money online.

The Technical Aspects of Ecommerce

Programming your own shopping cart can quickly turn into huge money leak and bring a lot of frustration. To save your sanity, money and time I'll give you lots of technical guides. There is a lot of ready ecommerce software available, so we'll share ideas how to use it, what to use it, how to get the most of it, and how to spend the minimum on custom development and design. Stay tuned for all of this!

Other Types of Ecommerce

In the beginning this site was planned as strictly drop shipping guide. However there are other ways to run ecommerce business that don't involve drop shipping. As I found out that many of the strategies work in different business setups we will start covering them as well. Here's what else you'll learn about:

  • Running a web shop site with shipping your own inventory. It's more work but it's much easier to find good stuff when searching for supplies without the drop shipping requirement. You may find local suppliers that offer unique items well worth trying.
  • Selling your own produce on a web store, and trying to get others sell for you. Why not turning into a dropship supplier yourself?
  • Selling software and other intangible items
  • Building affiliate web store (based on data feeds and programmable APIs)
  • mCommerce - creating ecommerce for mobile devices

What's New?

The latest article on this site is How To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales Using Email Marketing

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